Do you really design and make ALL the stuff you sell?
Yes! We make each item we sell. We draw the art. We punch every design print and punch each button. We design, pattern, craft and stitch every plush. Each item is hand crafted and unique in its own way. Items we sell are not a reproduction or mass produced item. We do not outsource our plush manufacturing, instead we work very hard to keep up with the high demand. We work hard so that each item is a specially made hand crafted item made by the original artist. Our products are exclusive to our shop.
We love this job!

Why is turnaround time so long?
All items in our shop are made to order. Turn around time is normally about 8 weeks. This turn around time is based on the amount of orders in the queue and how long it takes us to hand make each item. We are working to complete orders as quickly as we can.

Do you make plush inspired by Cartoons, Comics, and Games?
Sometimes we do because LOVE them! We are fans. We will sometimes create items based on what we like and what we are inspired by.
Normally fan plush we create do not have a licensed plush available. 
We never intend to infringe on copyrights or trademarks.

If you are interested in licensing a plush item from us, please email us.

How Many Employees Do You Have?
There is just myself and my partner.

Do you do concept design? Product illustrations?
Yes, you can commission us for concept design work and product illustrations.

Do you take custom orders?
When we have time we take on custom orders. This process takes time, creating a prototype often involves pattern drafting, and engineering a new product. Availability varies. Please email us to check our availability.

Will you come to comic con or an art show near me?
Generally shows we attend we will have 50,000 attendees or more.
It takes a lot of preparation time and careful planning for us to attend a show.
We may not be able to make it to smaller events.
We always attend our home show, Emerald City Comic Con! 
Check the calendar for other events we will be attending.

If you would like us to attend your show as a vendor or special guest,
please email information to Jonisey (at) yahoo (dot) com

Do you sell patterns?
At this time no, but we have plans to do so in the future.

Bulk Production?
At this time we are not taking bulk orders*
We are able to do small run bulk orders.
Email us if you have questions about this.

Do you Wholesale?
At this time we do not wholesale plush items.
Please email us if you are interested in wholesale.
(We do not usually wholesale as we prefer to sale
directly and exclusively to our customers. )
We prefer consignment over wholesale.

I want to start my own plush business, where do I start?
Check out our resources page here!

We have worked with:

Exploding Kittens

The Oatmeal


Filament Games

Nutmeg Comics

Ian McGinty

and more!
Looking for the monster plush ?
Those are made by our great friend HTAVOS

Did you place an order with us?
The Order Process...

If at any time you have questions about your order, please contact us. We can provide an update.

Contact us via email or through an Etsy message to place a custom order. 

Email us at:
Jonisey at yahoo dot com
Or message us through our etsy shop at:



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